Spalding International Saddlery
My main & long term sponsors & supporters. They have such gorgeous competition saddles that don't cost the earth, and have a few different options in their repertoire. The Spalding saddles are on super quality trees which seem to sit incredibly well on a variety of horses, and as they are wool flocked, they can me made to fit each horse perfectly and be comfortable for the horse to perform at its best. I jump in the Single flap Close Contact saddle, which is forward cut enough for my long thigh. The horses all jump well through their backs, thanks to feeling comfortable carrying these wonderful saddles. Since changing into the Spalding Dressage Saddle- I wouldn't choose to sit in anything else. The balance is beautiful. They are supportive saddles but allow you freedom to move and use your aids to communicate well with your horse.

Andy is the most knowledgeable person, and so good at his job as Master Saddler. He fits saddles at your yard with his incredible mancave on wheels, so is perfect to provide the bespoke service to support you and your horse. He has trained George up to follow his footsteps with the business, who has been Andy's apprentice for a number of years, and he is a credit to the very professional and well run Spalding team as well.
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Franklin & Billard
Franklin & Billard was set up by some great friends of mine, who have worked in the industry managing one of the larger Saddleries just to the north of me. They decided they wanted to set up a Bespoke Online Saddlery, one that could provide advice on just about any aspect of this business... They want to provide us with brands that have the best quality products and customer care, brands that work hard for us as the consumer- last and fit well. They sell brands that fit different purses, so they have worked hard to find quality budget ranges as well as top quality products that don't just cost the earth. Anna is incredibly knowledgeable in helping you decide the best make for your set of criteria.
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Westville Therapy Supplies
Westville Therapy Supplies have just offered to support me with their incredible products. I have been borrowing a Biomag2 unit and pad for the break and subsequent back pain when I returned to competing full bore with weak muscles! The difference I have felt is incredible, and though I already use this technology in a rug system for my horses, these boots and SacroIliac pads have greater depth of penetration, and wider range of frequencies to use on specific injuries. The unit also supports the application of a laser, which can promote healing: of wounds and in reduction of scar tissue, but also in tendonous injuries. This technology works brilliantly alongside the support of my wonderful Physiotherapist and Chiropractor, and also with the application of the thermal imaging.
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Collegiate have been supporting me as a rider for a year. They are underneath the Weatherbeeta umbrella, and have been very generous with their support. They have such soft, beautiful leather in their bridles, that my horses are happy to work in them, and look great!! I ride mainly in their raised padded bridles, which have lovely comfy padding behind the ears/ over the poll, and underneath the lovely broad cavesson, that they hopefully don't make pressure points to distract the horses from the job. They have a beautiful double bridle- my first addition with a little bit of bling, was the patent double. It frames a nice classy head very well!
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Danielle Flood has created this wonderful supportive business, and it is so clever that we can monitor the horses on a sub clinical level. The thermal scans take pictures with a specially designed thermal camera, which can detect the slightest little change in heat patterns- and picks up these subtle changes from one side to the other. It isn't a diagnostic, but it can highlight areas that might become problem areas, and as a keen therapist, I can then monitor and treat these areas before they become a problem.
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  • Fiona Davidson
    Eventer / Trainer

    I have ridden horses all my life, and our base is now Vale View Equestrian in Leicestershire, with facilities that are out of this world for producing my lovely horses, and the results are shining through right across the board, showing my horses are settled, happy, and able to work every aspect of their competition needs! Read more...

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    Jess Storey
    Yard Manager/ Competition Groom

    Jess joined the team as a trainee back in 2020! Apart from a very short stint spreading her wings, she quickly decided that we really were the family she wanted to be a part of!! I hope Jess will be my Jackie Potts, as she treats the whole team as her own family, and keeps the cogs turning smoothly- even during our tough times!! 

    Bryonie Ellis

    Bryonie is our wonderful Apprentice, and despite her diminutive size, she is definitely mighty!! She shows such commitment to the team and is a such wonderful and critical part of our family. 

    Monica Leggett

    Monica is the newest member of FDE, and is proving to be a great help in every aspect of our yard life. Her wonderful positive attitude; her capability in the yard and on a horse is a very welcome addition to the FDE family!!