Ferrari / Pony Pilates

This is a perfect display of a young horse with an ENORMOUS engine, jumping himself into trouble! The gorgeous lad has had a quiet year through COVID, and I have just bought him to play with!

To start with, he has such a big movement/ action behind, but doesn’t have the core stability to hold himself- so he LAUNCHES off his Kangaroo legs, but runs onto his head & into trouble!

I’ve got loads of gridwork planned with him- Pony Pilates- to help him sit and wait!

You will see by the end of the video, when the fence starts to go up a bit, he doesn’t come up in the shoulder- but how lovely to see how well he learns from it!!!?

I think he could end up being a really cool horse next year- he’s so brave- and once he can support that Ferrari engine, his life will be so much easier!!!

Watch this space!!?

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Gridwork will be the making of this boy!!!

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