Fiona is very well known in the Eventing world, for producing young horses and taking them up through the levels. So she has a wealth and depth of knowledge about how to get the best out of a wide range of horses, and help them on their journey.

She really enjoys sharing this knowledge, and really enjoys training riders to help them get the best out of their horses. Whether you are a competitive rider wanting to climb the ladder, or an amateur rider who wants to tweak things to improve the scores in the level you are comfortable in.

Fiona is going to be visiting various venues on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, either to do group clinics with varying emphasis each time, pairs or individual sessions tailored to help you and your horse.

We have the option of clinic themes:

Pilates for Ponies: Fionas passion for Rehabilitation brings about an understanding of how to improve upon your horses weakness- whether it’s postural, injury based, or re-education. This leads to fun and exciting polework, gridwork and footwork sessions to help your horse unlock its potential.

Accuracy and straightness: One of the biggest tools to have in your briefcase, the basis of every question, whether dressage, showjumping or cross country- at any level.

Cross country techniques: the education for you and your horse behind every cross country course, the builder has imposed questions… Here’s how your horse should be prepared for next season- so it doesn’t misunderstand the questions!

Young horse progression: we are arranging weekly clinics to help your young or inexperienced horse be educated under professional supervision. Whether it be destined for dressage or Eventing, or just to be a pleasant allround family horse. These are looking like they will be a Wednesday or a Thursday afternoon/ evening. These evenings will include individual sessions tailored to exactly what YOU need to work on! We don’t need to follow a programme, we can tailor it to exact needs! … and the horse doesn’t have to be young!


So far, venues have been arranged in Shropshire, Ireland and Leicestershire. Please get in touch if you would like to join in with these clinics, and dates can be confirmed. Or if you have a venue you would like me to add to the list?! Perfect for Riding clubs and Pony Clubs, or livery yards with clients that want to improve techniques!

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  • Fiona Davidson
    Eventer / Trainer

    I have ridden horses all my life, and our base is now Vale View Equestrian in Leicestershire, with facilities that are out of this world for producing my lovely horses, and the results are shining through right across the board, showing my horses are settled, happy, and able to work every aspect of their competition needs! Read more...

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    Jess Storey
    Yard Manager/ Competition Groom

    Jess joined the team as a trainee back in 2020! Apart from a very short stint spreading her wings, she quickly decided that we really were the family she wanted to be a part of!! I hope Jess will be my Jackie Potts, as she treats the whole team as her own family, and keeps the cogs turning smoothly- even during our tough times!! 

    Bryonie Ellis

    Bryonie is our wonderful Apprentice, and despite her diminutive size, she is definitely mighty!! She shows such commitment to the team and is a such wonderful and critical part of our family. 

    Monica Leggett

    Monica is the newest member of FDE, and is proving to be a great help in every aspect of our yard life. Her wonderful positive attitude; her capability in the yard and on a horse is a very welcome addition to the FDE family!!