Smiles all round

The horses are all smiling as they see today’s delivery walking down to the feed room!!


The GOLDEN PASTE… The team behind the product… Turmeric, can it really be as good as its reputation suggests?? #successdrivenbydetail 

I first became familiar with Turmeric through my sister, she had a 30 something year old arthritic pony in her care, couldn’t live out because of laminitis, so the arthritis became crippling. Tara started making up her own Golden Paste, and in the end, had to reduce quantities, because poor little Beaky would get so thrilled up for feeling so good, he’d injure himself in other ways!! … my fascination began…

Fast forward a few years… I was competing Smokie at Richmond Horse Trials in a prep run before Chatsworth 3*, and hit a fence hard enough to dislodge me, and confuse him! This is where I first met Janine, the founding force behind The Golden Paste Company… at this point, she was relatively new to the Eventing Scene, and also at this point, was mixing up their product on the kitchen table at home!! Much passion and hard work has been put into the foundations of this company… I got chatting with Janine, who sent me home with soothing words, and a pot of turmeric for both myself and Smokie. I have since used Turmeric instead of Ibuprofen, as I really was surprised at the rate of healing… this must transfer to the horses…

Fast forward a couple of years, and I have my whole team of Eventers running on a maintenance dose of Turmeric. I have found a number of benefits… let me share them with you.

SKIN: All the horses LOOK incredible. The coats, they truly shine, from the inside out. Yes, we put good EVERYTHING into them, but the turmeric just adds that little extra. I have one young member of the team who has been very troubled in his skin, a bit like an equine version of a spotty youth. He was a borderline sweet itcher, and he used to break out in protein spots or rashes at ANY opportunity. I have noticed a difference over the last year or so… he has a full mane, shiny as anything, and his skin looks and feels so deeply healthy.

JOINTS: I don’t want to jinx anything by making claims, here, but I will let you in on a secret. I have a CRACKING big young horse, who is made of egg shells. He has been plagued with a couple of different areas of discomfort, and we have worked hard to look after him in everything we do. I have found, since feeding the Turmeric, he doesn’t come out of the box looking squeaky… I feel he is growing into a stronger horse, and is healthy in so many more ways than he ever was. ?

HUMAN GAIN: I have always had quite a medically fascinated brain… and knowing the benefits of Turmeric, within my own family and friend circle I have been fascinated to see if the Turmeric helps certain things. The sorts of things we (collectively) have found the turmeric have improved are widespread. From IBS/ colitis, to arthritis, to dodgy skin… from feeling 105 when you are in fact only 35…!!! I find the stuff wonderful.

THE TEAM: I have got to know the team behind the magic… everybody I speak to within the company, about various different things, couldn’t do more for you. The human beings are as wholesome as the product, and it so lovely to have a team behind you that shares ethos and mindset.

Since their expansion and collaboration with British Horse Feeds, I am beginning to see Golden Paste Co products pop up in more and more tack shops. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it pop up; because knowing the journey the company and the people have been on, and what a fantastic product they are marketing, it’s great knowing more and more people are starting to share their bit of magic.

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    Jess Storey
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    Jess joined the team as a trainee back in 2020! Apart from a very short stint spreading her wings, she quickly decided that we really were the family she wanted to be a part of!! I hope Jess will be my Jackie Potts, as she treats the whole team as her own family, and keeps the cogs turning smoothly- even during our tough times!! 

    Bryonie Ellis

    Bryonie is our wonderful Apprentice, and despite her diminutive size, she is definitely mighty!! She shows such commitment to the team and is a such wonderful and critical part of our family. 

    Monica Leggett

    Monica is the newest member of FDE, and is proving to be a great help in every aspect of our yard life. Her wonderful positive attitude; her capability in the yard and on a horse is a very welcome addition to the FDE family!!