Go hard or go home…

It’s taken a LARGE G & T before I could bring myself to writing… character building International day, one day horses were on it! My team of Smurfs were a great support, giving me a kick when I was sad, and feeding me to keep me going!!  Tiny finished 11th,…

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FDE Riders stunning all round!!!

It’s been a fabulous weekend for my FDE Team Pilots so far while they’ve been out competing on their youngsters!!! Very proud of you guys! First up Shannon on 6 year old Fabio winning their first Elementary together with 70+%!!  Chloe was out at Oasby on Thurs, and came away…

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If horses could talk…

Today has been the most amazing day at the European 2* Championship Assessment- apart from the weather!! ? If horses could talk, I can only imagine the conversation going on between first out Foxy and last out Pete…! Both of them excelled themselves fully, I can’t be more proud! It…

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    I have ridden horses all my life. I have relocated my yard, to Vale View Equestrian, with facilities that are out of this world for producing my lovely horses. I am very excited about having these resources at my fingertips, and the results are shining through right across the board, showing my horses are settled, happy, and now able to work every aspect of their competition needs! Read more...
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