Retraining a Racehorse


I’ve had a lot of fun over the years working with some gorgeous Thoroughbreds off the track, my first two horses in America were ex-racehorses, and gosh, how they made me!

I really enjoy helping them unlock one way of going to produce a very different way of going to suit very different purposes… as a Racehorse, they run in extension, with the ultimate purpose going in a straight line as fast as they can… as a riding horse we want the opposite. 

We want them to use their bodies in a very different way, to move slowly and carefully in a gymnastic way- this takes a bit of re-education! 

Thoroughbreds are intelligent animals, they will work things out of you allow them a chance to- and take speed and adrenaline away from the situation, and explain to them with exercises how to unlock themselves musculoskeletally.

These two sessions were a week apart. We’ve got this lovely 9 year in to help with his re-education, he’s won £67k in his racing career, so it might take a while to change how some of his muscles get him from one side of a fence to the other!?! 

All that went on between these two gridwork sessions was physiotherapy- by my lovely VetPhysio Antonia Bealby, and what I call ‘ridden physio’ and ground stretches. 

You can really see him work it out from the start of each session to the finish. What a clever boy he is… can’t wait to see how he progresses with this showjumping game… we might make an Eventer of him yet!!! 😋

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