Starting the next babies!

This is a new horse we have in to restart… here you can see our first lesson- long reining. We do a lot of this with them in the build up to ridden education- and even alongside riding, because it teaches them to go on their own- it teaches them steering aids not only from their mouth, but also from our driving aids (ultimately legs, but flaps from the lunge lines here) And it teaches them to work things out for themselves with just a little reinforcement from us.

We are lucky that we have different sized safe enclosed educational space. We can start them in the lunge pen, move to an indoor arena, at the moment we have a very quiet car park and farm yard to start showing them to be brave past obstacles. Here is first encounter with farm machinery, muddy puddle and narrow gap… all part of the process, and look at how well she learns!

More of the same for her every day this week I’d say, alongside her education in the arena! … Hacking round the village, around the cross country course… she’ll be brave in no time at all! 💕🦄

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