Ready for my season to begin

2019 started in a challenging light for me, and I am thankful I am able to draw on the positives and try my best to ignore the negatives… and with a bit of patience, from my sabbatical in the doldrums, I can now see light at the end of the tunnel!

Winter is always hard with horses… the cold, wet, short days… if you can keep going through February, you can see your way to the end! 

I had a little whoopsie out hunting a month into the hunting season… we’d had a steamer of a day, and I had utterly fallen in love with my new toy. Unfortunately, hunting comes with a little ‘ground’ uncertainty, and my lovely young horse tried to bounce in and out of a ditch, resulting in us both coming down, and in my rupturing all of the ligaments between my scapula and collar bone… all I can say is- THANK GOD for Turmeric! I’ve been getting through them very well, and also added support with the Curcumin and Vitamin D. 

The challenging time was going to come with ‘fill in staff’… When you get the good ones, you’ve got to hold on tight, because there are plenty of ‘less than ideal’ to sift through in between! I have got some truly wonderful girls in my team now, and it really does make the world go round… and some that let me down when I was unable to pick up the slack… we muddled through- and Emma has been my rock! 

As I am getting back into riding (don’t tell my consultant!) my mood is lifting! It has been great for me to concentrate on my Dressage, rather than hunting, as I promised not to leave the floor until February… which I didn’t… and now I’ve got a bit of ground to make up!! It’s hard to resist when you’ve got so many wonderful training ideas you want to play with!! I’m working hard on Smokies changes (always been his Achilles heel), getting Pete that little more pizazz as I’m hungry for winning marks this season, and the Intermediates ready to sparkle… all horses have come back to jumping feeling so strong and wonderful!!

We’ve all been working hard on our core stability! I’m trying to get as much Pilates in as I can, but my horses are also benefitting. We’ve been taking my lovely big wobbly one and Smokie for the water treadmill, which seems to be making a huge difference… and my wonderful physio is taking on a more detailed routine as well. She has been coming out and helping me with lots of long-reining; over poles and lots of exercises to improve their way of going- using proprioception exercises, self carriage and push from behind. I’m so determined to show what my team can achieve… I am so stoked for this season!!

Last weekend I took a lorry full of my favourites down to demo for Horses Inside Out. It was a great ‘party’ for them to get out of the yard, and has highlighted the need to get my superstars out for some match practice!! With the wonderful facilities at my fingers, it’s so easy to use the home competitions – but really, they do need a change of scenery every now and again! 

We started the babies out cross country schooling on grass this week, once the sun arrived, and I am SO excited by how awesome they have come out- so trusting and brave, and all with such ability. The biggest problem that brings, is me not wanting to part with them!! … I’m leaving it up to fate which I produce on through the levels, and which will be snapped up before I get the pleasure! 

All I can say is Onwards and Upwards… and watch this space for my exciting team to get rocking and rolling!! Thank you to all of my wonderful team of supporters… none of this would be possible without you!!! 

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  • Fiona Davidson
    Eventer / Trainer

    I have ridden horses all my life, and our base is now Vale View Equestrian in Leicestershire, with facilities that are out of this world for producing my lovely horses, and the results are shining through right across the board, showing my horses are settled, happy, and able to work every aspect of their competition needs! Read more...

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    Jess Storey
    Yard Manager/ Competition Groom

    Jess joined the team as a trainee back in 2020! Apart from a very short stint spreading her wings, she quickly decided that we really were the family she wanted to be a part of!! I hope Jess will be my Jackie Potts, as she treats the whole team as her own family, and keeps the cogs turning smoothly- even during our tough times!! 

    Bryonie Ellis

    Bryonie is our wonderful Apprentice, and despite her diminutive size, she is definitely mighty!! She shows such commitment to the team and is a such wonderful and critical part of our family. 

    Monica Leggett

    Monica is the newest member of FDE, and is proving to be a great help in every aspect of our yard life. Her wonderful positive attitude; her capability in the yard and on a horse is a very welcome addition to the FDE family!!