Onwards and upwards!!!

So this past week has been a massive turning point… and I owe a lot of that to the great team behind me, and a few sprinkles of fairy dust here and there. 

I had a very interesting meeting with some very knowledgeable folks on Friday, and they got me sorted out with a rider support gilet their company has developed. This contraption is not dissimilar to Victorian Corsetry!! It provides stability around a weak core, and provides postural support for the shoulder complex. Having been off games for 7 weeks, I was feeling very vulnerable, but had such an exciting yard of horses to be getting on with, I was getting impatient! 

The gilet not only supports, it makes me aware of where everything is. My right shoulder has found a new resting position, and the muscles need reeducating to get me out of wonky donkey mode!!! ?

I have to say, not only has it helped my posture with the dressage, it has enabled my damaged areas to fatigue less, and also be aware and upright in my jumping! 

Here’s to the season approaching!!! Onwards & upwards!!! 

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  • Fiona Davidson
    Eventer / Trainer

    I have ridden horses all my life, and our base is now Vale View Equestrian in Leicestershire, with facilities that are out of this world for producing my lovely horses, and the results are shining through right across the board, showing my horses are settled, happy, and able to work every aspect of their competition needs! Read more...

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    Jess Storey
    Yard Manager/ Competition Groom

    Jess joined the team as a trainee back in 2020! Apart from a very short stint spreading her wings, she quickly decided that we really were the family she wanted to be a part of!! I hope Jess will be my Jackie Potts, as she treats the whole team as her own family, and keeps the cogs turning smoothly- even during our tough times!! 

    Bryonie Ellis

    Bryonie is our wonderful Apprentice, and despite her diminutive size, she is definitely mighty!! She shows such commitment to the team and is a such wonderful and critical part of our family. 

    Monica Leggett

    Monica is the newest member of FDE, and is proving to be a great help in every aspect of our yard life. Her wonderful positive attitude; her capability in the yard and on a horse is a very welcome addition to the FDE family!!