WeatherBeeta cares!

So I am a very lucky girl to be involved in a company that provides such top quality products. No longer just a Rug brand, though this is still their lynchpin, they have multiple other brands under their umbrella! Leatherwork, boots, numnahs…

I have been lucky enough to have done trials on a few of their new products…. and I have adopted them into my widely used and selected favourites! 


Firstly, they had new bridles they have introduced into their Collegiate Range that already fills all of my bridle hooks! The ComFiTek Bridles have an incredibly padded, broad head stall, so there is virtually NO pressure over the poll! It has a generous curved browband, so, again, there will be no pressure pulling the bridle into to base of the ears. 

The noseband is a unique mixture of a drop crossed with a grackle noseband… and I find this improves horses in two spectrums. The horses that are very soft and almost chatty on the contact seem to be much less busy. They take a bit more consistent weight through the reins. From the other spectrum, it’s very good on the stronger horses, that open their mouths or lean through the bridle. It means you can use a little less bit: and arrive with a horse that is more compliant down the rein.

The mono-crown padded flash bridle, again, has plenty of padding, though not as much as the ComFiTec over the poll. It is a very versatile bridle, suits every head shape. It comes up quite a generous sizing, so if you are borderline, drop to the smaller size!


WeatherBeeta have updated and added a couple of different boots to their range… I had a set of boots from WB a long while back, and found the Velcro didn’t stay put as well as it might have… and they have since addressed this, adding a slightly longer, and elasticated bottom strap. These do NOT budge! Not only for Cross Country / Eventing, but out hunting as well. These are now my Go To boot. They have a tough ballistic outer, and a neoprene inner which doesn’t carry water. They stay put for several hours of wear out hunting, they don’t slip, they don’t make the legs sweaty underneath.


Not only does WB update exacting designs to keep their products tip top, they have rigorous testing ‘in house’, and they have external product testing to make sure these products work as well ‘in the field’ as well as in house. I recently received 3 different lightweight turnout rugs in different deniers to see how they fare with waterproofing and breathability.

My choice would be to have the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Standard Neck Lite on my entire yard, especially now the weather has turned a little “autumnal’. It is a slightly denser rug, being 1200 denier, it will be more robust than a thinner sheet in the long run. It is a beautifully made rug, which seems to fit a variety of horses well. The Saxon rug is their economical range, and was more like the traditional weather sheet, and the ComFiTec Classic was in between the two at 600 denier. All 3 ranges of rug are perfectly waterproof- when the rain did finally arrive!! The 1200 Denier rug is the sort of rug that you wouldn’t leave on throughout the day in summer, as it was a warmer rug, but it didn’t leave anything sweaty, maybe just a little clammy under the arm pits if we didn’t get them off before the sun was baking! They are getting a rigorous test with my burly lot, and I’m pleased to say that each rug is faring well, and delivering the goods, keeping my horses comfortable, warm and dry!

I do feel lucky to be involved with such a forward thinking and proactive company, and I know my horses would say the same if they could speak!! Thank you WeatherBeeta!

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