Gold 🌟✨ for the girls

I’d like to say, this is a special occasion… Evie very definitely earnt gold star of the day!! Her behaviour was infallible, and was the only one on the box unfazed by the new judges huts at @thecollegeec!!! 🙈 A couple of mistakes, but a very solid score of 31 left me feeling very proud of her. Mac has a bit of a tickle in his throat, so I pulled him up for another day. 

The cups seemed awfully shallow, because the poles that fell for the girls were hardly breathed on, but as we only wanted to canter round the xc, it meant the pressure was off… and that they did. Foxy cruised round for her fun run since she injured herself at Burnham. And Evie was a total grown up; she looked, judged & jumped everything for herself from a nice steady pace- no pressure from me anywhere! She felt incredibly established- she’s always been bold as brass!! 🙌😍🦄​ #homebred #putyourbuttinthebest #goldengirls 


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