Running out of gold stars!!

Lincoln weekend is drawing to a close, as I have a large Gin & Tonic in my hand on the sofa… I’m running out of gold stars, and I have to say, I’m such a lucky girl to have horses that can imprint this smile- and hopefully keep it there all season!!!

A hellishly windy Intermediate day, pleased to be out of it- and talk about ‘blowing the cobwebs away’!!! But apart from Tiny thinking he’d rather be a kite in this wind, my two dream team boys excelled themselves with their jumping! Rather bright dressage tests, sad, because they are working SO well generally!! 

Smokie was trying to prove to me that this Intermediate malarkey is too small now- so I he’s going to jump everything as though it is Advanced, and maybe will be allowed to do some more!!! 

Pete gave me the best ride of the weekend… apart from picking up 20 penalties on an oversteer/ spook moment, felt so much stronger and straight- so ‘on it’!! Very excited at how much he’s grown up!!

Cappie was extraordinary- he’s got Badminton written all over him… and although he feels VERY green & still weak, God, he’s class!! 29 dressage, and jumped out of his skin!! I’m so thrilled that I’ve found an owner to buy into him, so his future is secure with me… a leg is still available! 😉

Foxy was 9th, though we had a little ‘moment’ forgetting a movement- I only realised when I was at the wrong end of the arena halting, the judge had never noticed!! 🙈 

Mac was his usual Pro-self, double clear, though took it very steady.

The others I’m going to chalk down to a schooling round- too windy to play the game, so pulled them before they got to have their fun… it’s called education, I believe…!! 😣 

Thank you for the team at home who kept things running, the team that came with me and helped keep me sane!! 

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