If horses could talk…

Today has been the most amazing day at the European 2* Championship Assessment- apart from the weather!! ? If horses could talk, I can only imagine the conversation going on between first out Foxy and last out Pete…! Both of them excelled themselves fully, I can’t be more proud! It was great that Foxy’s joint owner Sam Campbell could make it down, it was a full on day as the only person juggling two horses!! 

Both horses had incredible feedback on the jumping phase, a track that was bigger than Foxy had ever jumped round – and as the least experienced horse there by a large margin! 

The dressage was really interesting- we had 1/2 hour slots individually, with the selectors and team trainers watching us show off as much as we dare, and then a short while of instruction on the areas that could be improved. Foxy was a very good girl, but Pete absolutely knocked my socks off with how much more strong & grown up he has come out this year!! 

They each had a team test session to ride through, where we were taught and assessed to see how well we picked up the technique… thankfully mine hunt, so they’re used to being & working in a crowd, and Student Riding Team tests put me in good stead!!! 

From these picture, you could virtually put a speech bubble out of Foxy’s mouth… ‘you don’t want to go out there, it’s proper soggy!’… ‘I’m tiiiiired, if you thought those two dressage sessions were bad, you WAIT to see what we’ve gotta jump!!!’ 


  1. They both looked amazing from what I saw, glad u thought sj track was large I was worried , I thought I had just made them grow having not jumped since Somerford park last year ? amazing experience to ride in front of some of our best in BE! Best of luck for the rest of the journey! X

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