How productive are we!?!

So it’s been a wonderfully productive day in the world of FDE… It felt like Christmas had come yesterday, with several ENORMOUS boxes of WeatherBeeta products, in preparation for the impending season… thank you WeatherBeeta, one of my very generous sponsors. I don’t know why anyone would buy anything other than this wonderful brand- I’m still using WeatherBeeta rugs that have been in constant circulation for over 14 years!!!

We had two clippers in rotation yesterday, prepping for 3 out today, and trying to get on top of the woolies… thank you TEAM! In the meantime Smokie is seen having his Chillax in his Activiomed rug: thank you Phil Roelich from ActivioMed for coming out to check it is all up to scratch for the season and to demo some new products.

And the icing on the cake was taking out two of my big newbies today with my Wonder Woman Elma as nanny… I would go as far as to say, these are the best trio of horses I’ve had out all season!!! I got as much pleasure jumping the sensational and wonderfully mannerly Mr Big, as I did turning and watching my new boy Louis the Luidam make such classy and easy shapes over some of Belvoirs finest! Rails, hedges with ditches, not a bother! You certainly wouldn’t worry about how big the next fence was on any of these three!!! ?? Thrilled with my team… thanks to everyone who makes it possible! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork  


  1. So pleased Lou has been hunting !?

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