Exciting news for 2017…

I have some very exciting news to share… Having had a bit of an injury over Christmas, I haven’t wanted to tempt fate about this season… and now I have got all of my Eventers back in work- and today jumping the first of them, I feel I can let the cat out of the bag…

It’s been a while since having the opportunity to represent GBR, and I am so mega proud to say I have had not one, but two horses invited onto the long list for the 2* European Championship team heading to Belgium later this year! My two favourite pocket rockets Pete and Foxy are heading to the team training/ selection procedure at the end of February. We have a long way to go yet, but to be in the final 20 combinations is a very exciting place to be!!! 2017 is going to be an exciting journey with my wonderful sponsors and owners!!! @spaldinginternationalsaddlery @weatherbeeta @franklinandbillard @westvilletherapyunits @equimaging 


  1. Wow! So exciting! You deserve it x

  2. Amazing, well done you! Good luck xx

  3. I like good news, well done you xx

  4. Well done Fiona, great news, brilliant, so pleased for you xxx???xxx

  5. Congratulations Fi ? really brilliant news xxx

  6. Many congratulations, fingers crossed for the next few months

  7. How exciting for you, keep us posted, we will be keeping our fingers crossed for your

  8. Wow! So glad to see all your work paying off! Go team Fiona Davidson! X

  9. Brilliant news, congratulations Fiona ??xxx

  10. Wow absolutely amazing news!!! Well done!! Go pocket Pete and Foxy lady!!! Xx

  11. Well done fi! Ur mum would be so proud of you!! Such fantastic news ? xxxx

  12. Congratulations, fingers crossed for short listing! X

  13. WOW …… this is so EXCITING !!!!!!!! Well done Fiona Davidson!!!!

  14. Well done fi! Fantastic achievement for all your years of hard work ???

  15. Wow! That’s excellent news Fi! Congratulations! Also… nice use of suspense to drive web traffic! Lol xx

  16. Woohoo! So exciting and many congrats. Some serious celebrating this weekend ?? Jx

  17. V proud look forward to bringing the clan to more events in 2017 where ever you ride it’s always thrilling to watch xx

  18. Wow! Fantastic news – well done!!xx

  19. Wow that’s fantastic, you must be so proud and totally over the moon! Good luck ⭐️ Xxx

  20. Well done you so deserve it. Your Mum would be so proud xx

  21. Well done you! Huge congrats!!

  22. Fiona Davidson congratulations that’s fantastic news well done

  23. Well done. Keep up the hard work

  24. Congratulations fi well deserved

  25. Fantastic well done and go kick some European ass

  26. Oh my god that’s amazing!!! Well done!! X

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