My horses of a lifetime…

I’m so lucky that I’ve got these wonderful horses around me, they can pick me up when times can make me feel blue, and give me such cool things to look forward to. #horseofalifetime #thatsabigfence #8yearoldswithwings #putyourbuttinthebest  @spaldingsaddles @collegiate @franklinbillard ​ ​

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Pint size perfection

My homebred Rudi is turning out to be everything I dreamt of getting from my event horse… Just in a scaled down model at 15.2h… Perfect for a small person or Junior, but I think I’d have to tuck my toes in behind his elbows! Seriously classy!!

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I’m a Humdinger!! 😍

My new riders are getting a play on my Ponios now I can’t do it myself… Think they’re loving it- though they have to endure full time lessons from me! 😝 This one is so much more progressive than I’d imagined he could be!!! Clever Alvin… Looking for his new…

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Rudi growing up


Nice to get a few more photo opportunities now I’m unable to climb on board… My homebred 5 yr old Rudi by Take it to the Limit is starting to grow up a bit! He’s just done his first 80 event- and judging by today’s photo shoot, he’s about ready…

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  • Fiona Davidson
    Eventer / Trainer
    I have ridden horses all my life. I have just relocated my yard, to Willoughby on the Wolds, with facilities that are out of this world for producing my lovely young horses. I am very excited about having these resources at my fingertips, and am already looking forward to next event season! The yard is in the heart of Quorn’s best hunting country, so my second passion will be at my fingertips too! Read more...
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    Anna Gilbert
    First Jockey
    Anna joined the team full time after Christmas, having been my student and subsequently Working Pupil since last season. She has not only got Equine Qualifications, she has a wealth of experience in yards and producing young horses with a very similar ethos to me: allowing them time and therefore learning at a pace they are able to absorb and enjoy. She has a super 'feel' and is doing a wonderful job with my youngsters. She is super to have on the team as she brings her chirpy, warm & positive vibe to the team, and the ability to look at the bigger picture and progress.
    Sam Jelfs
    Yard Manager
    Sam has worked on a variety of top level competition and hunting yards, and brings a productive cheery atmosphere to the yard. She is in charge of the day to day running of the yards, and also fitness and special attention for the competition horses.
    Caitlyn Mcsweeney
    Groom / Stablehand
    Caitlyn looks after the yard and horses part time, and also has horses of her own that she likes to get out and about with.